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Tips and Tricks with Promethean Boards

  • Getting Math Symbols: When you click on the Text Tool in the main tool box, then click on the ActivStudio blank flip chart page, the Text Edit Toolbox will appear. At the top of the Text Edit toolbox, next to the X for closing it, you'll see an arrow. Click on it and it opens the symbol selector. Use the drop-down menu to select which collection you want.
  • Tools at Top of Page: If you lose the toolbar at the top of the flipchart creation page, go to the toolbar on the right and make sure you are still in design mode.
  • Video 1 looks at using the Activstudio tools on top of a desktop flipchart. It then goes on to demonstrate the Activmarker feature.
  • Video 2 starts by converting a Word document to PDF. Various Acrobat text annotation tools are demonstrated and explained.
  • Video 3 focuses on Acrobat’s drawing tools and discusses other ways to use Acrobat for annotation.

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